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I learned yesterday that people still joust. Check out this photo from the Medieval Festival at Upper Canada Village.



Summer Memories

Lobster Boats II

OutboundOne week after Labour Day I’m getting back into non-summer mode with a regular routine and everything. I thought today would be a good day to look back on my summer travels. This summer I travelled to both the east and west coasts of Canada, and spent a few days in the rockies!

Photos are on my flickr page. In chronological order experience the maritimes then my trip to BC and Alberta.

Blogging the Garden

Vegetable Garden OverviewThis past weekend I spent a lot of time putting in my garden. Where I live I have a very small yard, and before I moved in last July I don’t think that anyone had paid any attention to the yard for quite some time, as such, there are some unique challenges to creating a great garden. I am planning on writing about the garden as it progresses through the season, hopefully it will get me writing regularly.

Last summer, I was able to grow some tomatoes, (too many actually, but they didn’t ripen until I’d picked them and brought them indoors), and some cucumbers. This year I’m not moving in in July, so I was able to start the garden at a more normal time. I have increased the number of vegetables in the garden from 6 to 12, plus set aside a small space for herbs, (currently there are 4 planted, plus some more in pots). We’ll see how this all works in a space that’s approximately 6 feet by 12 feet.

I’ve also planted a lawn beside the vegetable garden and taken over the flower bed in front of the house, (formerly cared for by the landlord – just mow over it when the grass is cut). And, of course, everything is being done for as little money as possible.

So, that’s the introduction! There are some photos on flickr and I will cover more specific subjects in greater detail later on.

Ice Hotel Québec

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Ice Hotel Québec-Canada. I had heard that the ice hotel was amazing but wasn’t prepared for what I saw. The things they have done up by Québec with ice and show are incredible.

Now I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.

the Chapel