Garden Updates & More

It’s been some time since I have written about my garden and quite a bit has changed. This isn’t a full update but more of a teaser. The radishes are finished, (I may plant more), and most of the plants are getting pretty big. I posted a few more images over at flickr, and will take some more soon.

P.S. I took a video of some squirrels playing the other day. Enjoy!

Honest Telephone Systems

I just called to buy tickets to the upcoming performances of the Dance Program at the Banff Centre, and was pleasantly surprised by the honesty of their telephone system. First, the system tells you some random information, then it says “To talk to a real person, press 0.” After that, it tells you that to complete your purchase you will need to provide your address, which will be used for the credit card verification and to keep you informed about upcoming events at the Banff Centre. They are actually up front and honest about the fact that they will be sending you what may be regarded as junk mail. I think that’s a good business practice.