About Me

Originally from Kelowna, B.C., I have lived in Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary, and now Montréal. In the old days I was a ballet dancer, now I build great websites & apps.


I am a partner in 4RoadService.com and BonzoBox, (if you’re looking for a great homepage that keeps your bookmarks organized, try it out). I also made MeasureCamera, an iPhone app that uses the iPhone’s camera to take measurements.

What to Expect from johnbeales.com

Posts on johnbeales.com can be grouped into three types:

  1. How I made tricky things, or things that are complicated or repetitive but can’t be automated, work. This way I can look them up later and others can do the same.
  2. There’s an occasional rant, which I try to turn into an analysis of how a situation could be improved, the for example the Great Boil Water Order of 2013.
  3. There will be some posts about tricky situations, which may or may not be tech-related. I use these posts to help sort out my thoughts on the matter, so there’s lots of editing before they go online. Accidental Exclusion is an example discussing how easy it is to accidentally exclude a group, (in this case women), from an audience.