Earlier this year I signed up for Dracula Daily, an email newsletter that sent Dracula to me, in parts, on the dates during the year that they happened in the book. I had not read Dracula prior to this, but apparently every part of the book is dated, which makes this type of exercise possible, and fun.

Some parts of the book, even in little bits, dragged on, awkwardly praising God, or Mina’s beauty and perfectness. But I like the story, and despite having watched the ballet version of Dracula and been exposed to the story and the concept for years it was interesting to read the actual text.

The Dracula Daily version of Dracula is now available as a book, linked below.

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Make Your Bed

A short self-help book, based on a commencement speech. A quick read, kind of bubblegum self-help. The speech it’s based on is at the end of the book, and I’m not sure reading the whole book gave me that much more than just reading the speech would have.

My main takeaway was that I need to build a team & not try to do everything myself.

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Anne of Green Gables

As a guy in my early 40s I’m not the target audience for Anne of Green Gables, it’s something most people read as an older child or young teen. As a Canadian I feel like it’s a bit weird to have never read it, I even went to Green Gables twice with people who love Anne! There have been copies of all of the Anne books in my home for years, I finally picked one up.

I get it. I understand why Cavendish has been a draw for tourists around the world for a century, why people keep making Anne shows for TV, and why, when I went to the maritimes with Anne fans there was no question that we were going to visit Green Gables.

There are a bunch more Anne books on my bookshelf. I am worried that they won’t hold up to the first, but I suspect I will read them.

Green Gables
Green Gables, from my first visit.
Potatoes & the Sea
Potatoes growing in PEI’s red earth.
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