Privacy Policy

It’s nice to be able to know where your data goes, so here is what I collect, where it may end up, and what we can do about it.

Information collected by the website owner

When you visit this website

  • Your IP address is recorded in our server logs.
  • Your browser’s User-Agent string is recorded in our server logs.

When you open a support request or submit a contact form

  • Your Name as you enter it in the form.
  • Your E-mail address as you provide it, (hopefully it’s correct if you want a response!)
  • Other information you provide as part of your initial message or any discussion that follows.

Third parties with potential access to information

This website and services I provide sometimes use third-party services to make the service more efficient or ensure service is provided, help understand traffic on the website, or other purposes. These third parties may have access to your data, depending on the situation:

Business Transfer

If ever someone with a fat enough wallet comes along and offers to buy some or all of my business there’s a chance that I may sell. If this happens it is highly likely that any information I have collected as part of the business would be transferred to the new owner. It is also possible, especially if we have communicated by E-mail, that some information would remain with me, in an E-mail account somewhere.

Data Retention

Unless someone requests that I delete data I usually keep it. This lets me improve my business by referring back to how things have been handled in the past, and lets me measure the success of my business.

Data Deletion

If you would like me to delete any data I have about you please get in touch, and I will do my best to get rid of anything I can.

Please note that there may be situations where it is not practical or possible to delete every trace of your data. For example, some Google Analytics reports are not changeable once they have been processed, so the fact that someone visited this site last year may not be erasable, (but it’s highly unlikely that a number from an old report could be tied back to a single person). Similarly, deleting every request from every IP address that you have used from the web server logs would be an onerous task, and there would still be a record that the log files were modified.