MyMap Explorer 1.2

Last night I updated MyMap Explorer for Google Maps to make it more future-proof and improve KML support. The most recent version is available on the project website.

The most important changes that were made are:

  • MyMap Explorer is now locked to Google Maps API version 2.150, so version 1.2 will not break on July 1 when API versions prior to 2.140 are depreciated
  • MyMap Explorer now supports area overlays on the maps, not simply points as before
  • There is some improved error-checking

This update was initiated by a fellow named Joel asking questions and reporting bugs. Thanks Joel!

Looking for FlashLite 3.1 devices

I’m trying to assemble a list of devices that run FlashLite 3.1.  If there’s anyone out there who knows of, (or owns), a device running, or capable of running FlashLite 3.1 please let me know in the comments.

Once a list is compiled, (if there even are any such devices yet), I will publish it.

Help the BC Children’s Hospital

I had a link E-mailed to me today:  You can play a quick Christmas game, and BC Hydro will donate to the BC Children’s Hospital.  It’s fast, fun, and brings some holiday cheer to both you and the residents of the hospital.  My brother was in this hospital over Christmas one year and they did a great job bringing Christmas to the hospital.  They deserve all the help they can get.

If anyone knows of other similar campaigns online, feel free to link them up in the comments.