Work with Me

My Skills

I am multi-talented full-stack web developer, who can code a website right from the database, (if required), to the sparkly Javascript extras that run in the web browser. For the skills that I don’t have, I work with other talented freelancers who whose own skills compliment mine.Let’s throw a bunch of letters out there. I love working with PHP, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, and Laravel. That’s right, I love PHP & Javascript, quirks & all.

How that helps you

My goal is to make your website or web app not only look good, but be supremely usable on any device – something shiny that your customers can’t figure out how to turn on won’t make you very much money. I do custom web development specializing in presenting a lot of information in an easily accessible way or making different moving parts work together in one system and want to hear from you  about what we’ll build together.

Open-Source & WordPress

Most of my projects involve Open-Source software, usually WordPress, (which powers this site as well). While WordPress started as a blogging engine, it has evolved to the point where it can be almost anything. I’ve used it for e-Commerce, extended it to accept donations and synchronize donor lists with Donor Relationship Management systems and even turned it into a gambling platform. I’m a core contributor to the WP e-Commerce plugin, and the author of DeadTrees, a plugin for keeping track of books that you’ve read.

Despite the incredible flexibility of WordPress it might not be the best fit for your project. If that’s the case we’ll find, or build, the right system for your website.

Previous Work

I have over 20 years experience coding on the web. In fact, my oldest surviving website, the Ballet, was originally created in 1998.

Some of my previous work is shown in the portfolio.

Why work with me?

  • Small shop = small overhead & clear communication.
  • Multi-talented – you don’t need 8 guys to make a single web page.
  • Nearly 20 years of experience.
  • I’ve done great stuff before.