Support: Read the hints and FAQ below. If you’re still having trouble, Contact Me Note: I’m off-grid until September 8, 2012, so I’ll be handling support requests after that date.

MeasureCamera is an iPhone App that measures things using your iPhone’s camera. Simply point your phone’s camera at something that you want to measure, make sure there’s a credit card in the frame, and press the “Measure” button.

– The credit card should be a solid color, or have a solid border. If it’s two colors it looks like two shapes to MeasureCamera
– If MeasureCamera is having trouble detecting a credit card, try to put it on a contrasting background.
– The credit card doesn’t have to be inside of the object you’re trying to measure, but it’s best if it’s on the same plane as the object, (so, don’t put the card closer to your phone than the thing you’re trying to measure).
– Try to take the photo as straight-on to the card and the thing you’re measuring as possible.
– If you’re having trouble measuring a small object, try turning your card over. MeasureCamera can recognize the magnetic stripe on many credit cards even it it can’t recognize the whole card.
– You don’t have to use a credit card, any credit-card shaped card will work, (the screenshots have my Safeway card!)

Why can’t I use my multicolor/rainbow credit card? The measure camera works multicolor credit cards will show up as several objects, not just one, so it won’t recognize the credit card.

The progress bar seems slow after I tap the Measure button. The image processing is very processor-intensive, so it takes your phone a while to find the shapes in the image. I’m hoping to improve the speed here in the future by optimizing what gets looked at in the image, and how the data is processed.

I’m still having problems, how do I reach you?
Use my Contact Page. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Note: I’m off-grid vacation until September 8, 2012, so I’ll get back to you after that.