We, the Drowned

At some point last spring Michael Flarup mentioned the book We, the Drowned, by Carsten Jensen. The cool cover and ominous title caught my attention so I added it to my list of books to read. Before I went on vacation in last August I got it from the library and spent a week by the sea reading about the people of Marstal.

Kind of like Pillars of the Earth We, the Drowned is one of those books that lasts forever, but in a good way. It’s the story of three long generations of sailors from Marstal, and to some extent the rest of the town as well. Some of the book is clearly inspired by some of the material listed in the sources, such as the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, but by taking hints from the diverse sources, and from the history of his home town, Mr. Jensen has created a gripping story for us to enjoy.

We, the Drowned, was, at least for me, a total escape from the world I see every day. If you’re looking for that escape then, unless you’re a sailor, this might be the book for you. If are a sailor, well, it’s a good book and worth a read.

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