Celtina: La terre des Promesses

The library is offering bundles of books pre-picked for certain groups of people, so I picked one up for the 8-year old. And it had this novel Celtina: La terre des Promesses which was beyond the reading level of the 8-year old. But my French reading level is higher, and this book is just a little bit beyond it, so perfect for improving my French comprehension. That’s how I ended up reading a somewhat-disjointed fantasy novel aimed at pre-teens that relies way too much on deus ex machina. Way too much deus ex machina, pretty much every chapter has some. I’m also not a fan of the way the protagonist is very often referred to as “la jeune fille“, (the young girl), or “l’adolescent“, (the teenager). It is a condescending way to refer to the person who is clearly the hero of the story.

La terre des Promesses is the first of a series. I’m not going to seek out the rest of the series.

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