Troubled Blood

I feel conflicted and guilty because I enjoyed this book. I like Cormoran, Robin, and the offices on Denmark street, they feel comfortable, and after several books in the series somewhat like a home. Unfortunately [[J. K. Rowling]] has become poisonous and I don’t want to support her. I borrowed this as an ebook from the library so she probably gets some portion of a penny or something. Part of me wishes there were no more books in the series, but alas it looks like another will be published in August, maybe I can get the actual hard copy from the library to avoid giving her any more money.

I often felt this book was as much or more about Robin as Cormoran. IIRC the series didn’t start out that way.


When Troubled Blood came out there was some outcry about it being transphobic, and after reading it I can see why. One of the main “bad guys” dresses up in drag to approach women before killing them, which feels like something that may only exist in a transphobic person’s mind and have never happened in the real world. It also fits nicely into the current transphobic narrative around sports, where some people are making a fuss about trans athletes competing in women’s sports as an “attack” on “real” women.

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

I re-read the first Harry Potter book recently, and it’s pretty different reading it as an adult. Many people get upset that the school is so reckless letting children run around fighting some of the most powerful wizards in the world, but I can let that go because without it the story wouldn’t happen, and the target audience – people Harry’s age – identify with Harry and can dream of accomplishing the types of things that he does.

However, between reading Harry Potter as a teenager and young adult, and reading Harry Potter now, I have become more aware of things like climate change and animal welfare, and there are some real animal welfare, and by extension sustainability, problems in the wizarding world.

  • A lot of animal parts are used in potions. I believe animal parts from rare animals are highly prized.
  • Many meals are extremely meat-heavy.
  • Most students have pets. The majority of these pets are wild animals.
  • Owls run the mail system, and don’t seem to be doing it of their own free will.
  • Live bats are used for decoration.
  • Christmas crackers have mice in them.
  • A giant three-headed dog is kept in an indoor corridor for months without ever going outside!


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