Cat O’ Nine Tales

Over the last several days I’ve been enjoying short stories written by one of my favourite authors, Jeffrey Archer. His book, Cat O’ Nine Tales, is a collection of short stories based largely on stories he heard in prison. It’s been on my shelf for quite a while, (I think I received it last year for Christmas in 2008), and for some reason I haven’t picked it up, a mistake I will try to avoid in the future.

It’s refreshing to change from the longer books that I’ve been reading to short stories. They’re fun to read and each one doesn’t take too long, especially when they’re as engaging as these ones.

I have another Jeffrey Archer book that I haven’t read, Shall We Tell the President but I’m told that I should read The Prodigal Daughter first, and I don’t have that one, so I am keeping my eye out for a copy.

Want to read it yourself? Get from Amazon: