Anne of Green Gables

As a guy in my early 40s I’m not the target audience for Anne of Green Gables, it’s something most people read as an older child or young teen. As a Canadian I feel like it’s a bit weird to have never read it, I even went to Green Gables twice with people who love Anne! There have been copies of all of the Anne books in my home for years, I finally picked one up.

I get it. I understand why Cavendish has been a draw for tourists around the world for a century, why people keep making Anne shows for TV, and why, when I went to the maritimes with Anne fans there was no question that we were going to visit Green Gables.

There are a bunch more Anne books on my bookshelf. I am worried that they won’t hold up to the first, but I suspect I will read them.

Green Gables
Green Gables, from my first visit.
Potatoes & the Sea
Potatoes growing in PEI’s red earth.
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