The Now Habit

People who know me will know that I have a habit of procrastination. This is something that I would like to change, and when I read a post about The Now Habit on Lifehacker, (probably while procrastinating), the material covered in the post seemed to make sense and last week I went out and bought a copy.

Over the last week I read the whole book and it was as good, and interesting, as I expected. There are great ways to stop procrastinating, and it’s not just getting my but in gear and getting the work done, it’s about figuring out why I procrastinate and putting an end to the reasons for procrastination, instead of simply powering through the reasons. Of course, reading a book about procrastination isn’t going to stop me from procrastinating – I have to actually apply the principles described in the book. Over the next few weeks I’ll be following many, maybe even all, of the techniques in the book and we’ll see how well they work for me.

The Lifehacker post gives a great introduction to the book and I’m not going to rehash their work, but I’d like to add my own voice to say that it’s a great book.

Want to read it yourself? Get from Amazon: