The Holcroft Covenant

I’ve read a lot of Tom Clancy books over the years, and other thrillers, but for some reason have never read anything by Robert Ludlum until now. I’m not sure how I missed his work, after all, he’s the guy that wrote The Bourne Identity, but somehow I managed to stay away. Earlier this spring a neighbour put a bunch of books out in the recycling, and I picked them up. There was a treasure trove of thirty-six books out there, two by Robert Ludlum, including The Holcroft Covenant, which is a pretty good read.

Reading The Holcroft Covenant reminded me of older times and stories, when there were more people who remembered the World Wars than didn’t, and conspiracy theories could be created about secret Nazi societies run by generals who escaped prosecution after the war, and perhaps by their children. The story lines of The Holcroft Covenant weave themselves slowly together, and in true thriller fashion I frustratingly figured out what had to be done long before the characters did. For a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat, (or bed, or whatever), this is a good one, although don’t try to read it all in one sitting like some other books that I have read recently, it’s a bit long for that, (but every page earns its place).

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