The Sinner

Another thriller down, and written by the same author as the previous book, (I kind of go in batches). In The Sinner Tess Gerritsen gave us another book that’s easy to read and hard to put down. It allowed me to, hopefully, get my fill of escaping into a world of mystery. Also, it’s not crazy long so it is a good book for a long flight, depending on how fast you read.

Time to get back to the computer-related brick I have on the nightstand.

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A few weeks ago I had seen nothing but computers and computer books and needed a break from the code floating in my dreams, so I found a book to escape into for a bit. I went to my bookshelf and pulled out the Tess Gerritsen book Bloodstream. An escape into the world of teenage axe murders in small-town Maine. These Tess Gerritsen books are often pretty spooky as far as thrillers go and this one is as well. It’s easy to read, you don’t have to think much, (except a bit to keep the characters in line, something that I usually have to put a bit of effort into, no matter the author or book), and it’s super entertaining, with a bit of freaky science thrown in for fun.

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