Up in the Air

After reading about the economy and about Javascript it was time for some Fiction. I received a copy of Up in the Air, (the book that they based the movie on), for Christmas that’s just been sitting on a shelf so I pulled it out and read it.

I haven’t seen the movie, (although I will probably rent it when I can), but had read some reviews that were critical of it because, at least according to the reviews, we’re supposed to feel sorry for Ryan, (the George Clooney character), and he’s a guy that goes around the country firing people, essentially making their jobs miserable. I’m not sure if it’s a difference of interpretation, or if things have been sensationalized for the movie, but in the book he’s the guy that “counsels” employees right after they are fired, mostly to stop them from suing. It’s not much better, I know, but it does seem slightly better. In the book, though, we really get inside Ryan’s head, which can be a confusing place at times, and we see what he really thinks about his job, the people around him, and the world. It’s especially interesting to see how his impressions of people change over the course of the story.

I’m really interested to see if we get the same level of intimate access to Ryan in the movie as we do in the book, and how they made the jump in general. If the movie is half as interesting as the book, it should be an interesting film to see.

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