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An educational website about Ballet.

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The project the Ballet was developed from another website that I published years ago. Some of the primary objectives of the project were:

  • make it easy to update the site
  • bring the site design up to date
  • monetize the site
  • increase search engine visibility
Visitor Experience

The welcome page for the Ballet is designed to quickly show visitors what is new on the website and offer quick and easy access to all of the information on website. From a stylistic point of view the graphics and colour scheme represents the experience of attending the ballet at a theatre.

The most basic content pages, (and all pages on the site), maintain the theatrical style of the main page while presenting the content in an easy to read center zone. Each content area has a unique colour so the visitor will subconsciously know in which content area he or she is.

Visit the Ballet.

How the objectives were achieved:
Make it easy to update the site
I created a custom built Content Management System, (CMS), to add pages to the site with a minimum of programming. All of the information is stored in a MySQL database and is assembled using custom built PHP scripts. It is possible to add a whole new page, or simply articles or news items.
Bring the site design up to date
I gave the site a facelift getting rid of the frames that were in the old version and introducing the theatrical theme. I also updated the code to standards-compliant XHTML 1.1 and CSS making the website accessable to all visitors, including those with disabilities.
Monetize the site
I set aside some advertising space on the website, installed a web-based advertising management system and joined some advertising networks. Now I make a profit for almost every person that visits the website.
Increase search engine visibility
By doing the re-design in XHTML and CSS I inherently improved the visibility. Then I identified which searches are most popular and increased the density of those keywords. And finally, I wrote appropriate META tags for each page.
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