Printable Template to Choose a Garmin Forerunner Size

This year’s releases of the Garmin Forerunner 255 and Garmin Forerunner 955 look like pretty great watches. I think they would be great replacements for my aging Vivosmart 3, and even the Edge 130 that I use for cycling. But the 255S (“S” for “Small”), 255, and the 955 are all different sizes, and with pretty small wrists I don’t want to look like I have a saucer strapped to my wrist. Some Recent posts in /r/garmin suggest that I’m not the only person with this question. Time to make a printable!

A paper Garmin Forerunner 255S on my hairy arm.

Printed without any scaling on US Letter sized paper this PDF should give you an idea of how big the 2022 Garmin Forerunner watches will be on your wrist. If you’re extra-crafty, the extra coloured strips are as wide as depth of each watch so you can make a 3D paper Forerunner to try on.

The printable looks like this, but it’s a PDF.

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