Blog Launch: Fascinating Names

Today I’m announcing the launch of a new blog: Fascinating Names. A while ago I was reading about a street with a strange name and thought that a blog that had some of the stories behind that kind of name would be a pretty interesting read, so a couple of weeks ago I snapped up, bought the Neutica+ WordPress theme, and got to work. I’ll be posting a new name over there every day or two, so check it out, subscribe, follow @fascinames on twitter, and enjoy.

Search for Laughter, or Just Search?

Researchers found after watching an hour-long video of slapstick comedy that the “natural killer cells,” which seek out and destroy malignant cells, more actively attacked tumor cells in test tubes. And these effects lasted up to 12 hours. (source)

If you’re reading this line, there’s a good chance that you regularly search the internet. Probably, you use Google, or maybe, more recently Bing.  As of today there is a new way to search:  GiggleSearch uses the power of Google’s search engine, but makes your searching just a little more fun.  It’s the search that actually laughs alone with you.

GiggleSearch, is more than simply a nice wrapper on Google Custom Search.  It is a social experiment.  Yes, we will hopefully make a bit of money from GiggleSearch, and half of the money we make will be donated to charity, so by GiggleSearching you are not only brightening up your day, but you are brightening the day of those who work at the charity, and of the final recipients of your help.  I will introduce our chosen charity at a later date when we’ve worked out exactly how they want to be introduced.  For now, I will just say that it is a very worthy cause.

Do you want to do even more to brighten the day of others?  You can help make GiggleSearch even more joyful by creating and submitting cute or funny Giggles and logos, and by finding even more great facts about laughter.

So, are you going to search for a happier world, or are you just going to search?

Use to search for a happier world.

WordPress Exploit Scanner should mean Fewer Hacked Blogs

A couple of weeks ago an article about hacked WordPress sites came up in my WordPress admin dashboard.  I hadn’t been paying attention to all of the noise that was apparently going on about hacked blogs, but this article got my attention, and I read it.  I learned a lot about how to see if my blog was hacked, but a lot of it consisted of searching for strings in all of my wordpress files, which would involve downloading them all to my computer.  What a pain in the ass.

Well, that was two and a half weeks ago. Times have changed. Donncha has come out with the WordPress Exploit Scanner, (currently version 0.1).  It does the work for you!  Download it and check your wordpress blog.  I did, (and I came up clean).