The Whistler

Time for an escape. The Whistler was enjoyable, maybe not as much as something like Sycamore Row, but I have yet to read a truly bad John Grisham novel.

But, I looked at some of the discussion questions at the end of the book and they started to poke some holes in the way some relationships developed over the course of the book. It would be a good exercise to start writing out answers to any discussion points provided by the publisher. It might make me a more critical reader.

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The Client

I finally read The Client. It’s been sitting on my shelf since I recovered it with a bunch of books from a recycling bin last year. I never saw the movie and had a completely different idea of what the book story was about. All I knew for sure was that a young kid hired a lawyer, and things got crazy. I figured it was some sort of business lawsuit going on, with an evil and ruthless corporation going after the kid. I was wrong. As a result the book was full of twists & turns for me, as any good thriller is, and I really enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll rent the movie on iTunes sometime soon and see what they did to butcher the book.

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