The Road to Genetically Modified Chocolate

The BBC is reporting that Mars is working with IBM and the US Department of Agriculture to map the genome of Chocolate.  That’s pretty cool.

However, the Chocolate Genome Project could lead to genetically modified chocolate, so we will have to be careful what we do with this new knowledge.

Whispers about “The Road to Genetically Modified Chocolate

  1. IT’S TIME TO STOP GENETICALLY MODIFYING FOODS…..!!!!!!! When foods are turned into GMO’s the DNA structure of life sustaining nutritional value is destroyed. Whatever the plant or animal is mixed with will created chaos in your intestinal tract. Your good bacteria will be destroyed and overcome with the bad bacteria. Certain disease fighting genes are altered with the DNA is altered by the GMO process. If mad scientists want to destroy the human race just come right out say so. Scientists MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE THE HUMAN POPULATION WORLDWIDE AS GUINEA PIGS FOR THEIR MADNESS. What’s wrong with the FDA not allowing food production companies to label their packaging that they contain GMO ingredients? Is MONSANTOS ON THE FDA BOARD? Europed demands labeling, why not America? TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE AND GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND. YOUR LIVES ARE AT STAKE.

  2. I’m not 100% convinced the GMO foods are 100% bad, maybe it’s just the natural progression of evolution, after all we are, supposedly, part of nature. However, when food comes out looking the same as it went in that’s not good either.

    Either way, I agree that GMO foods should be labelled. That way we can make our own choices.

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